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The single word that changes election results

We were looking at the Cobb County primary ballot a while ago and I noticed a single word used in almost every race. That word was “Incumbent.” Why should that make a difference? If a voter has done their homework, it will not. On the other hand, if the voter likes to vote all incumbents out, then it helps them identify whom not to vote for. However, for the vast majority, that likes to vote for the perceived winner it helps them identify who to vote for. Using the word Incumbent by the political system was not an afterthought. Every …continue reading

The military-industrial complex, or where your money goes

Does this surprise you? Where is our discretionary money going? See for yourself. No wonder we are in so many wars. It used to be that Communists were our most serious threat and our government spent a fortune defending us (using highly paid defense contractors) from the evils of the Soviet Union and Communist China. When that ruse petered out, and now we’re best friends with Communist China that makes all of the stuff we buy at Wal-Mart and then lends us money to feed our spending habit, we needed to find another enemy. We did. It’s known as terrorism. …continue reading

The drug menace, and I don’t mean illegal drugs

Have you wondered why you see so many prescription drug ads on TV? Do you wonder why our government gives subsidies totaling $192 million last year alone to the tobacco farmers to subsidize their tobacco growing… and yet spend millions more trying to get people to stop smoking? Have you wondered why, in spite of the “War on Drugs” it’s easier to buy illegal drugs than get a prescription from your doctor? It’s all about money. I read a recent report that 10 million people in the U.S. abuse prescription drugs and more than 3 million use cocaine. So over …continue reading

They chant “Death to America”

They don’t mean it. They mean “Death to the American Government.” I have always wondered why people have a mistaken belief that the United States government and the United States public are one and the same. They aren’t. Globally, the American public is loved, but our government is despised because of its foreign policy. The root cause of all of our international problems are the policies of our State Department and White House. When we learn not to kill in the name of peace, not to overthrow foreign governments like we’re playing chess and knocking pieces off the board, and …continue reading

So you think that elections are fair?

When magicians want the audience to believe in magic, they use a technique called distraction – focus the audience on one hand, while the other is doing the trick. The current distraction is the Voter ID battle. Generally, the Democrats don’t want it and the Republicans do. Why? Because the poorer people are the ones without the IDs, and they vote Democrat, looking for a government (taxpayers) handout. So that’s the distraction. What’s the other hand doing? Lots. The reason that its very hard to be elected is because of familiarity and money. The more familiar your name is, the …continue reading

Positive results from the Obama and Bush administrations

As a Republican candidate, I need to be fair and detail the top five achievements of our last two presidents that have clearly benefited our country. First, President Obama – 1 2 3 4 5     Helped the banks President Obama currently lives in the White House, and I suspect will stay there for four more years, sad to say. If he can fool us once, shame on him. If he can fool us twice, shame on us. We are about to be ashamed. And former President George W. Bush – 1 2 3 4 5     Helped the banks President Bush …continue reading

How we rank compared to other countries

I did some research of taxation and Gross Domestic Product’s of different countries from two perspectives – one, what percentage of the GDP originates from government spending, and what percentage of gross income is paid in taxes. Here are the results: Of the 177 countries I looked at, the United States is one third down the list – Country Tax burden % GDP Govt. expend. % GDP United States 26.9 38.9 This mean that our country receives taxes of 26.9% of everything produced in the US, and spends 38.9% of the GDP. Now you know why we’re going bankrupt. Compare …continue reading

Are you better off?

First a disclaimer. Naturally, as a Republican candidate I will find fault with President Obama. On the other hand, facts speak louder than rhetoric. But I will admit that the previous Republican presidential disaster, George W. Bush set “The Descent” in motion. In life, you’re dealt your cards and you have to work with them the best you can. As a Democrat president, President Obama knew what he was getting into. So “The Descent” continues even faster. President Obama took office in January 2009. Here are some facts – There were 117 million people employed as on January 2009, now …continue reading

Forced labor is alive and well in the United States.

I was reading an article about a government full-employment bill and saw something that caught my eye, causing me to eventually find this website about forced labor in the USA. I could use the word “slavery” defined here, but it’s a third-rail word. In other words, its a very delicate topic. Forced labor is alive and well in the federal, and probably the state prison system. Nobody talks about it. In essence, if you’re in the federal prison and are able-bodied, you must work or else. I don’t know what “or else” means but it won’t be nice. I knew …continue reading

“Give me liberty, or give me death?”

In 1775, Patrick Henry gave an impassioned speech at the 1775 Virginia Convention, where he used those words to convince the Virginia House of Burgesses to get Virginia troops to fight in the Revolutionary War. What would he write today? I suspect that he would be sickened with what our government is doing to this land of Liberty and Freedom. It’s no longer Liberty that our population yearns for, it’s to be molly-coddled by our government at someone else’s expense. It’s now “Give me government benefits and entertainment.” Shame on us. We need Freedom and Liberty for all. That’s what …continue reading

A rose by any other name

The 2012 general election is a month away, and the number of valid votes cast for me will measure my success. Here’s the problem. As you know, in Georgia when you cast your vote you’re given a credit card sized piece of plastic with an electronic chip built into it. It is used to both display the ballot, and record your votes. Normally, you just click on your candidate’s name and your vote is tallied electronically that night. As I’m an official write-in candidate, it’s different. In my district you’ll see two candidates listed by name, the incumbent career Republican …continue reading

Lies of our fathers

Like you, I saw plenty of news coverage of the Republican convention in Tampa, but I won’t be writing about that other than to say that Romney’s selection of Ryan as Vice President was a major error. No, I’m writing about the SEAL team member who just wrote a book, “No Easy Day” so he could make a lot of money. He’ll get to keep it, as the book profits will go to a trust, controlled by him but not to him directly. In that way, he’ll avoid his Navy agreement not to profit from his actions as a SEAL …continue reading

Lies, lies and more lies

As I write this at 7:30 in the morning, I’m listening to C-Span’s morning show, Washington Journal. This show has a call in section where today’s topic is “Are you doing better than you were ten years ago?” Almost without exception, no one is. So I started to wonder why the public actually believes campaign promises. I recall last night’s news program when aspiring president, Mitt Romney (my party) was asked if we should go to war with Iran. He hedged his answer, but it was clear that his answer was yes. He was obligated to say yes, in so …continue reading

How to solve the gasoline and food price increase problems in one easy step

When you think about it, you’ll realize that gasoline prices and the devastating drought are interrelated. Why? Because ethanol is now 10% of almost all gasoline sold in this country. And what is it made from? Corn. So while corn was plentiful and cheap, the corn post-production facilities (special interests) made lots of money by using our government to force the gasoline producers to mix 10% corn ethanol with 90% gasoline to make each gallon of gas sold at the pumps. Unfortunately, the regulations will soon force that ratio to 15/85% just when the price of corn will skyrocket. As …continue reading

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